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Request Excelrow with Name

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i have a Exceltable with names from companies in columns and some infos about them besides them. Now i want to type in a Name and get back the infos about them. But my problem is that the input must be keyaccurate and even when i use enteties, the whole flow doesnt work anymore (because the request in Excel cant work with enteties?).

Is there a possibility to get the Infos with a request that can detect spelling mistakes and capital and non capital letters?

  • Re: Request Excelrow with Name

    So to keep it updated, my first step solution was to bring each row of my Excel (about 150) in a closed list entity. With that i avoided the problem with the key accuracy a little bit.


    Downside of this is, i have to keep the closed list entity updated with each new Excel Row.


    I also created a Sharepointlist out of the Excel, and tried to search it instead of the Excel. But im not really used to Sharepoint by now. So i keep on searching for a better solution.

    (Im sorry if there is a simple way and im just to blind to see it...)

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