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Chatbot to return Date value from CRM

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Hi Guys,


I have a very simple scenario that I'm trying to create. I want to create a chat bot that returns from Dynamics CRM the expiration date of subscription.

I'm imagining the bot should be very simple (just as a concept) and will ask the customer only for Subscription Number (string)

The WF logic is something like this:



But I need help with to set Flow to search in CRM for the Customer's input (Subscription number)

I'm not sure if i the configuration is correct .

Subscription number field schema name in CRM is new_subscriptionnumber



I must return to the bot Expiration Date of the Subscription.



Let me know if there is anything unclear.

Best Regards


  • Ashish2012 Profile Picture
    Ashish2012 194 on at
    Re: Chatbot to return Date value from CRM
    JSON does not support in PVA, SO you need to use Power Automate.
  • Verified answer
    MarKol Profile Picture
    MarKol on at
    Re: Chatbot to return Date value from CRM

    JSON does not support Date or Timestamp variable types, so you would need to convert your Date variable to a String in your flow and pass it to PVA bot as a String to display in a Dialog.


    There is a string (value) conversion function under Expression in flow that will cast your Date or Timestamp to a String, if this is needed. See example below on how to return Date or a Timestamp as a String in a flow:




    In PVA, the date shows up as a String and can be displayed to the user:

    Get odays date Dialog.JPG


    Hope this helps.



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