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SessionInfo always has an outcome of "None"

Posted on by 41

The Analytics data we saw on a PVA did not appear to be accurate so I took a look at the conversationtranscripts on the server (btw,  I'm a Sys Admin on the PVA server).


It looks like every conversationtranscript record on the server has a SessionInfo (in its content field) along the lines of:
"valueType": "SessionInfo",
"id": "0",
"type": "trace",
"timestamp": 1679931659,
"from": {
"id": "",
"role": 0
"channelId": null,
"value": {
"startTimeUtc": "2023-03-27T15:38:39Z",
"endTimeUtc": "2023-03-27T15:40:59Z",
"type": "Unengaged",
"outcome": "None",
"turnCount": 39,
"lastTriggeredIntentId": null,
"lastUserIntentId": null,
"impliedSuccess": false,
"csatScore": null


Note:  type:Unengaged, outcome:None, impliedSuccess:false


Is there some other flag that needs to be flipped on for values to be populated?

  • Redbird Profile Picture
    Redbird 41 on at
    Re: SessionInfo always has an outcome of "None"

    Thanks so much Mike.

    This explains exactly what we are seeing.

    Our setup is that we are actually using the Fallback topic (system again), to direct questions to a LanguageStudio  back-end via an intermediate service (powerautomate -> custom connector -> service -> LanguageStudio).

    Essentially, this renders the default Analytics useless to us.

  • Verified answer
    mboninco Profile Picture
    mboninco on at
    Re: SessionInfo always has an outcome of "None"


    The outcome will always be none for unengaged sessions. For the outcome to be populated (with one of three possible outcomes), the session must become engaged by either a non-system topic or the Escalate topic being triggered/called

    From the null entries for lastTriggeredIntentId and the lastUserIntentId, it looks like the user who is interacting with the bot may not be triggering any content.

    -- Mike Bonincontri

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