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What are the best practices to connect documents in sharepooint subsites with my copilot

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I've been trying to connect subsites in my Sharepoint to my Copilot in an effort to separate grounding knowledge base for the chatbot I'm creating. However the results have been quite inconsistent. For instance, comparing uploading a document to the Copilot Dataverse to connecting the chatbot to the Sharepoint link pointing to the same document. The consistency and querying performance is noticeably weaker when I only provide the Sharepoint link. I'm wondering if I missed out some crucial practices. Do advice on this. Thanks in advance

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    Re: What are the best practices to connect documents in sharepooint subsites with my copilot

    There may be a better experience with the uploaded documents just because there are not as many things to scan, and because they are in Dataverse. I do know work is in progress to improve the Generative Answers over SharePoint content. Please do note that both SharePoint documents and modern pages on the sites you configure can be leveraged.

    Here is a link to full documentation and limitations, and the good news is that additional guidance documentation is planned for release this quarter as well:
    Use content on SharePoint or OneDrive for Business for generative answers - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn

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