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Old Sku Power Virtual Agents Capacity Question

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Does sessions need to be assigned to a specific environment when I am still using old PVA authorization for my environment? Can I still consume it in a tenant-wide manner without specifying it like before?

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    Old Sku Power Virtual Agents Capacity Question
    1. How do I know if my bot uses the "old"  per session license or the messaging license?
    2. If it uses the "old" licensing structure, how can I migrate it to the new one?
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    Re: Old Sku Power Virtual Agents Capacity Question

    Hi @lisachu0805 

    The old PVA sku is still working like before however you won't be able to use any of the generative AI capabilities unless you migrate to the new "per message" license.

    Note: if you purchase the new "per message" license you will not be able to use it on an environment already using the "old" per session license, you will have to use a different environment or replace the old SKU with the new one

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