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Published bot error 3000

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I started to build a chatbot using PVA and Bot Framework Composer. My published bot fails with error code 3000 whenever it enters to a topic using Composer. Also Composer is acting a bit weird last few days, publish fails time to time (some days its okay some days i need to publish 3-4 times because of invalid json errors and pull to solve de-sync problems). I am sure its not browser cache related as several users that tested it for the first time encountered the same problem. Weird part is, bot works totally fine in PVA web site test bot. How can I solve this problem?

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    yagizhanarslan 2 on at
    Re: Published bot error 3000

    The issue is, its not a problem or error I can recreate under any condition.  Sometimes I have the problem for a few days and later some days/weeks pass without any problem. Also there is nothing I am doing to fix it so it comes and goes by itself. As I cant recrate or track down the root cause, I feel I am stuck. Next time it happens I will try to contact a support agent then

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    Re: Published bot error 3000


    Are you still having the issue? An error code 3000 indicates a system error that needs to be investigated by the product team. The recommendation is to contact Microsoft support so the issue can be investigated.


    Error Codes - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn


    -- Mike Bonincontri

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