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Help!! My topic doesn't execute the power automate flow

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My topic has always workes, ut now it doesn't execute the power automate flow. I get a 'clock' icon in every action. What can I do?



  • natalia Profile Picture
    natalia 21 on at
    Re: Help!! My topic doesn't execute the power automate flow

    It’s a bit late, but there’s something you can do:


    When we put a message right before a flow, the message is only displayed after the flow finishes executing and this message can delay the flow execution (weird)... So, to send a message while the flow is running, it is necessary to insert the desired text inside flow > properties > send a message, as shown below:



    I hope this helps 🙂

  • remidyon Profile Picture
    remidyon on at
    Re: Help!! My topic doesn't execute the power automate flow



    could you post the entire conversation for this topic? and your test scenario showing that it does trigger the right topic and display the messages before your power automate flow?

    have you activated dynamic chaining (you should not unless really necessary for your use case)?

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