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Can options from previous topic still appear at the bottom if another Topic got triggered.

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I have a question. When a topic is triggered there is multiple choice option given to the user.

Can this multiple choice options be available throughout the session ends?



There can be scenarios like another options need to be shown to user so in that case after the new options are shown and topic is changed the previous options be available?


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    Re: Can options from previous topic still appear at the bottom if another Topic got triggered.

    Hi @v-pancpr ,


    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


    So, I got that you need to implement some conditions in the final topic (end session, thank you topic or something like that) and show options depending on the results during the user conversation, right?


    Basically, you can change all questions that you need to validate inside your bot as a variable shared in the bot (this action will allow implementing conditions around your bot in any topics).

    After that, inside your "end" topic, I suggest creating a condition like "If the variable X equals Y value, show these options, else...".

    If you need to validate empty variables or pass empty variables using a Power Automate workflow, unfortunately, you can't do it yet because it's not possible using Power Virtual Agents + Power Automate. 


    Let me know if my answer helps you, and which scenario are you trying to use, maybe I can help better.

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