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Automated Daily Emai With Copilot Search

Posted on by 19

Hi all,


Looking for advice.  I want to automate the creation of a daily email that has been written by Copilot about a specific news topic.


I don't see an integration with Power Apps.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.




  • WrayMedia Profile Picture
    WrayMedia 19 on at
    Re: Automated Daily Emai With Copilot Search

    Thanks for the reply.


    The idea is to ask for the top three news stories around a given topic.  This would be to CoPilot preferably.  Then get CoPilot to summarise the news (potentially in the style of a specific person) and then send this summary (with links to news stories) in an email.


    The follow on would be to choose different stories and publish them in my style of writing in LinkedIn.


    I can do this from within a ChatGPT custom GPT combined with Zapier, but would prefer to go all MS!

  • Pstork1 Profile Picture
    Pstork1 63,085 on at
    Re: Automated Daily Emai With Copilot Search

    Are you figuring on using the Power App to input the topic for Copilot to generate the email?  If so there is a Copilot control that can be added to a Power App. You could use that to input the parameters to generate the text of the email and then pass that text to a Power Automate flow to send the email.

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