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Monitoring Tool for PVA

Posted on by 108

Hi everyone,


I want to know if possible to set monitoring tool for PVA?


I have build my PVA bot in a webapge, to make sure the webpage is alive, they setup monitoring alert. If page is down, alert will come out. How about if my page is up but PVA down?

I wish to know what are the possibility of PVA down? 


Appreciate your feedback. 



Lee Yong

  • Arul_Cooper Profile Picture
    Arul_Cooper 3 on at
    Re: Monitoring Tool for PVA

    You can create some proxy page or local html page where you can have same bot (use same bot script) to do smoke testing. In your bot you can have test topic (including human agent escalation) incase your bot does update some sensitive data which you don't want to post / update by bot during smoke test.

  • nmk Profile Picture
    nmk 193 on at
    Re: Monitoring Tool for PVA

    How are they monitoring your webpage? The same way they can monitor pva page

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