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Building Copilot Studio Chatbots in Microsoft T...

Extracting Information and Videos from SharePoint for Teams Chatbot with Copilot Studio

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Hi everyone,

I'm building a Teams chatbot using Copilot Studio that retrieves information and videos from a SharePoint library based on user prompts.

Here's what I'm aiming to achieve:

User asks a question in the chat.

Bot searches SharePoint documents and identifies relevant information.

Bot respond using Generative AI along with any related videos.

Ideally, the bot pinpoints the specific video section addressing the question.

Current Progress:

I've successfully used generative AI to answer questions based on SharePoint documents.

I can display SharePoint videos in Teams chat using adaptive cards.


I'm struggling to connect these elements. I need help figuring out how to:

Search SharePoint videos for relevant information based on user queries.

Identify the specific section of a video that addresses the user's question (if possible).

Potential Solution: Leveraging Video Transcripts

I noticed that SharePoint videos on Stream often have transcripts available. I'm wondering if it's possible to:

  1. Access the transcript of a video.
  2. Perform the user's query on the transcript text.
  3. If the transcript contains relevant information, identify the corresponding video and potentially the timestamp within the video where the answer appears.

Looking for Advice:

Has anyone worked with SharePoint videos and Copilot Studio in Teams chatbots? Any suggestions or solutions for:

  • Extracting video sections or displaying relevant videos based on user prompts would be greatly appreciated!
  • Accessing SharePoint video transcripts within Copilot Studio (if possible)

Thank you

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    Extracting Information and Videos from SharePoint for Teams Chatbot with Copilot Studio
    Hello, have you found out the solution to your issue yet? If so, would you mind sharing your progress with me, as I am trying to create a similar chat bot. You can reach me at Thank you.
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