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Get topic status from Dataverse

Posted on by 327

Hi folks,
I need to get the status of the topics created directly from DataVerse to populate a BI that I created for Chatbot analysis, but in the ChatBot Component table the status fields are always Active even if the topic is disabled in the bot.
I've checked several tables and I can't find this field. Has anyone experienced something similar?

  • Expiscornovus Profile Picture
    Expiscornovus 1,700 on at
    Re: Get topic status from Dataverse

    Hi @DiegoPeres,


    Yes, I agree. I would also expect this would be there. Maybe I am also overlooking something?


    Maybe somebody from the product team has an idea?

  • DiegoPeres Profile Picture
    DiegoPeres 327 on at
    Re: Get topic status from Dataverse

    @Expiscornovus , Very strange that this data does not exist, because how to have a metric of the status of the topics, without the data being present in the dataverse.
    I did an analysis of N tables and did not find the information.
    My report will be missing some data;
    Thanks for your help

  • Expiscornovus Profile Picture
    Expiscornovus 1,700 on at
    Re: Get topic status from Dataverse

    Hi @DiegoPeres


    Status (and Status Reason) are generic type of fields in Dataverse which I believe are not related to that boolean you are referring to.


    Looking at a network trace in the developer toolbar it seems that this field is called isTriggeringEnabled (boolean). Unfortunately I do not see that this one is part of the table in Dataverse.



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