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Resetting Fallback Count Value

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So someone asks a question the bot can;t help with, it increments the fallback count value. They ask the same question again in a different way, the bot still can;t answer and it increases the fallback count number. Each time it can't answer it checks if the fallback count is 3 or above - if it is it redirects to an escalation topic.


Within the escalation topic it automatically logs a case into another system and provides back the information to user about the logged case.


All the above is fine, however now the bot has answered I need it to reset the fallback count, as now if they ask another question and the bot can;t answer it goes straight to the escalation case instead of asking them to re-phrase the question.


I want it to reset the fallback count to 0 so that the user experience resets.


I have tried using the clear all variables action and this doesn't reset this particular variable. Nor can I manually set the value for this (the variable doesn't appear)





  • chrisuk01 Profile Picture
    chrisuk01 27 on at
    Re: Resetting Fallback Count Value

    u for the response. I have added the reset conversation topic and it still keeps the fallbackcount value as as son as I ask a question it can't answer it goes straight to the escalation again..?

  • citron-truc Profile Picture
    citron-truc 395 on at
    Re: Resetting Fallback Count Value

    Good morning,
    I hope you are doing well. When you create a copilot, there should be a topic called "Reset conversation" that was created I believe. Trigerring this topic will reinitialise the value of your variable.

    What you can also do is create a global variable (call it however you want), increment it whenever the chatbot can't answer a qusetion and do your checks on this new global variable instead.

    Hope it helps,
    Have a great day.

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