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publish failed. please check logs

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I have created a bot using power virtual agents in teams.And I opened same bot in bot composer and added one more topic .When I am trying to publish bot to pva. It is failing. I don't know the reason. I couldn't find the log/ error info in bot composer. I don't know where logs is available.


Thanks in advance.

  • Re: publish failed. please check logs

    While publishing to power virtual agents, i am getting error.It states "publiush failed,please check logs".Where logs is available in bot composer?

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    Re: publish failed. please check logs

    Hi @dinesh654 ,


    I have had this issue before too so I know how frustrating it is! The reason this happens is when the version of your bot in PVA has been updated, but Bot Framework Composer is still using the previous version causing a 'mismatch'.


    What you need to do is:


    - before you open the bot in Bot Framework Composer, publish your PVA bot first so that it's up-to-date,

    - Open the bot in the Bot Framework Composer directly from PVA - this way the BFC client will pull the most recent version of your PVA.

    - Alternatively, open the Bot Framework Composer, click on the bot you want to edit from the list



    - then from within the bot, navigate to the publish page




    - in the publishing page, tick the checkbox and then click on 'Pull from selected profile'. This will pull the most recent version of your bot from PVA.




    - proceed to add your topic, publish it, then go to PVA and publish your bot again. Done! 😊



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