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Display Multiple Choice options at PVA and Redirect each options to topics created in PVA

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Hi Everyone,


I am new to PVA, just exploring the possibilities.


I have a requirement to display 12 options after greetings message. To display these options vertically I have used Bot Framework Composer to achieve the result. 

Once it displays the list of options at PVA, I have to redirect each option displayed in the bot to different PVA topics.


Example I have 5 PVA topics






and these are the options to display vertically in chatbot and when user clicks on Mango, it has to redirect to Mango topic in PVA vice versa.


Please let me know if this can be done? if yes help me to achieve this scenario.



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    Re: Display Multiple Choice options at PVA and Redirect each options to topics created in PVA

    Take a look at this post on how to pass a variable from the composer back to the PVA bot.  Once you pass the value of the selection you should be able to redirect based on that variable inside the bot.

    Solved: Pass variable from Bot Framework back to PVA - Power Platform Community (

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