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Adding a Skill - to PVA

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Hi - Can anyone help - I'm sure I'm just missing something!


I'm trying to add a demo skill (EchoSkillBot) to my PVA Test bot


My skill works locally and works in the web chat, but as soon as I try and add it to my VA i get the following: 


I have tried multiple manifests versions,

I have made sure that my app in is the same tenant

manifest is hosted on https://<>/manifests/manifest.json, I've hosted it elsewhere  

my latest version is:




Any help please!!!


  • cloudatica Profile Picture
    cloudatica 42 on at
    Re: Adding a Skill - to PVA

    Hi @mdc124 , @inzil2k  we faced similar challenges when we were trying it. So, we wrote this article to capture the steps. Error messages are very hard to understand but check a few things that we mentioned in the article:

    * Your manifest file is reachable

    * Your endpoint, msapp id etc are correct in the manifest file

    * You have put the manifest file url as the home page url in the app registration

    * .env file for nodejs project (or settings file in C#) have correct info (inluding allowed callers)


    Above steps are more are covered in the article. Hope this helps.

  • inzil2k Profile Picture
    inzil2k 119 on at
    Re: Adding a Skill - to PVA

    I'm having the same issue currently. Have you ever found a solution to this?

  • mdc124 Profile Picture
    mdc124 2 on at
    Re: Adding a Skill - to PVA

    as an aside, I downloaded the sample files from the bot framework.  80.skills-simple-bot-to-bot\EchoSkillBot

    and again, after many many tries getting a range of errors I get a different error one that i cant get past,


    "Something went wrong while checking your skill.

    Try again or contact your skill developer."
    Isn't there a manifest parser somewhere that can tell me what the issues are?
    @pawan-msft mentioning you as you have helped others

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