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Error code by questioning CoPilot in MS Teams

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Hi All,


We created a (test) Copilot for a digital IT Servicedesk bot.

The bot is connected with MS Teams by SSO. That works fine.


In Copilot studio we uploaded a test document at the Gen AI section to test the answers.

In this document we put some simple QnA for IT problems. (i.e. my printer doesn't work)


When I test the question in Copilot studio everything works fine, but when I test it in MS Teams, I get an error.


Sorry, something unexpected happened. We’re looking into it. Error code: SystemError. Conversation ID: a:1mBQXb1rSQeU2a_f0xXasbms-ZV5_L9UtZ_WWOsZgujh2qJK0ajfPE8JW9zjGTNcX780PcFEe9NX-khRrCSRP6Vj2RAMoDYMYmUnyeDrpayyHDflJjSC46Lk9rgEMO1Le. Time (UTC): 4/30/2024 9:12:04 AM.


Does anybody knows what could cause this error or seen this before?


Looking forward hearing form you!


Best Regards




  • TV-03050653-0 Profile Picture
    TV-03050653-0 35 on at
    Re: Error code by questioning CoPilot in MS Teams

    Hi @remidyon


    When I opened the Demo website, it asked (again?) for Admin consent for CoPilot acces.

    After doing that, it works. republished and connected again to Teams, also working now!



  • Verified answer
    remidyon Profile Picture
    remidyon on at
    Re: Error code by questioning CoPilot in MS Teams

    Hi @Tvdveeken 

    Can you try re-publishing your bot to Teams? I don't have this issue when I create a similar test.

    Do you have the issue in the demo website as well?

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