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Framework composer Greyed out function scopes

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Dear Microsoft Power Community,



i am trying to connect my PVA Bot to the Bot framework composer to create Adaptive Cards. But if I try to click the Add+ Button on the top left its greyed out and has an error message.

You can find my screenshot of the Issue in the attachment.

Could you please help me out here ? Thank you very much and greetings,

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).pngMicrosoftTeams-image (5).png

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    MarKol Profile Picture
    MarKol on at
    Re: Framework composer Greyed out function scopes

    Hi @B_Guelec ,


    Please refer to this section for Troubleshooting in Composer and how to find the log:


    You might need to make your Composer window as large as possible to see blue arrow icon for the Log; it's to the right of Comment field in your Publish row.

  • B_Guelec Profile Picture
    B_Guelec 4 on at
    Re: Framework composer Greyed out function scopes

    Hi I tried the tutorial,

    thank you first of all this gave me some more insights.

    I created the JSON / The adaptive card as described in the tutorial.

    When I hit the publish button, it will always fail to upload with the comment "Check the logs for more infos" where are the logs? 


    Thank you 



  • MarKol Profile Picture
    MarKol on at
    Re: Framework composer Greyed out function scopes

    Hi @B_Guelec ,

    if you are trying to use Composer to create some Adaptive Cards to use in PVA Topics, this tutorial would help you step by step:

    Use Bot Framework Composer adaptive cards in chatbots - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Docs


    PS: The +Add button you have in the screenshot is for adding Skills to pure Composer bots, and is disabled for you in Composer UX because you have a PVA open in Composer, not a pure Composer bot. 

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