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Suggestion for topic creation for a specific scenario

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We have a document uploaded to copilot studio as a knowledge source, and our copilot answers questions about the document pretty well. One problem is that the document involves similar details about different elements, and when asked about those details it gets the answer from the details of a random element.
We tried splitting the document so that each element was in a different file, and created different topics for each element with trigger phrases( different ways of saying the name of the element), and limited the knowledge with the related file. However, when a second question is asked about the same element without stating its name, it could not get it out of context, and went to a different element's topic.
Do you have any suggestion about how to create topics to seperate the elements well? Any other methods are welcome. Note that the copilot is in Turkish language, so limited for some generative features.
If the problem is not clear, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks in advance.

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