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Error AccessToBotDenied Copilot

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In Copilot studio, I was able to follow the steps to create a copilot that is connected to a SharePoint site as a source.


With my global admin account, in the SharePoint site, I can query the content of the site. However when I connect with another regular user account (read or write on the site), it gets the error 'AccessToBotDenied' after entering the code.


For all users to use a bot (Copilot), do we need to give them specific permissions, licences?

  • YassineI Profile Picture
    YassineI 46 on at
    Re: Error AccessToBotDenied Copilot

    It was correctly shared, the issue was comming from the "Chatbot" Control in Canvas App. It takes an hardcoded params "Environment ID". The bot displayed in the UAT app was the DEV bot and for obvious reasons the DEV one was not shared with the users. 

  • LFSiGue Profile Picture
    LFSiGue 2 on at
    Re: Error AccessToBotDenied Copilot

    "The definitive solution involved granting permissions in Copilot Studio. Under the Security menu, not only follow video instructions granting permissions at authentication option, also select 'Share' and grant permissions to all tenant members."

  • YassineI Profile Picture
    YassineI 46 on at
    Re: Error AccessToBotDenied Copilot

    Hi @adilei !

    Does the App registration also need to be setup when we embed our copilot studio in Canvas App via the "Chatbot" control ?

  • KTNN0 Profile Picture
    KTNN0 8 on at
    Re: Error AccessToBotDenied Copilot

    I'm sharing the updated steps to follow how to create a chatbot on a SharePoint page.

    Copilot Bot for SharePoint | KTNN SharePoint (

  • Verified answer
    adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: Error AccessToBotDenied Copilot

    Yes, permissions are necessary. See here: Share and collaborate on copilots with other users (contains video) - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn

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