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Enable multitenant authentication for Copilot bot

Posted on by 25
Hello Community , 

I am stuck with a requirement where I need users from different client to login to Copilot but using Azure Active directory I am unable to achieve it , So I have chosen to go with Generic OAuth ,which works perfectly fine from Bot side but whenever I am trying to sign in to bot using Custom canvas (directline api) I am not able to do so . 
if (activity.from && activity.from.role === 'bot' &&
    (resourceUri = getOAuthCardResourceUri(activity))) {
    exchangeTokenAsync(resourceUri).then(function (token) {
        if (token) {
                type: 'invoke',
                name: 'signin/tokenExchange',
                value: {
                    connectionName: activity.attachments[0].content.connectionName,
                "from": {
                    id: userId,
                    role: "user"
                id => {
                    if (id === 'retry') {
                        return next(action);
                error => {
                    return next(action);
            return next(action);
So if you guys having any idea how to achieve the following , it will be helpful !
  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Enable multitenant authentication for Copilot bot
    Here are the instructions on how to enable SSO for generic OAuth providers (it includes a sample as well): Configure single sign-on with generic OAuth providers - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn
    Let me know if this works for you
  • Sohom Ghorai Profile Picture
    Sohom Ghorai 25 on at
    Enable multitenant authentication for Copilot bot
    I have followed the documentation but the thing is with all other method except the Generic OAUTH have the parameter tenantid which triggers tenant login page by default . 

    I have achieved the Multitenant login from bot side using Generic OAuth but the now SSO stopped working , which was working fine before using Generic OAuth
  • Mahesh Chintha Profile Picture
    Mahesh Chintha 37 on at
    Enable multitenant authentication for Copilot bot
    Refer to below documentation for Copilot Studio multi tenant SSO

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