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Missing required dependency when creating Chatbot for teams

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I've been trying to create a teams chatbot for users to contact before contacting our support team. However, i endup getting the error:

" MissingRequiredDependency: The referenced Topic with Id d10449db-9baa-40d7-8363-e643cb704643 does not exist.
Diagnostic Trace Id: Trace id not available. Headers: {"cache-control":"no-cache, no-store","content-type":"application/json","x-cci-botdesignerserver-buildid":"2023.6.2.2513","x-ms-activity-vector":"","x-ms-correlation-id":"b80c176d-994f-4f56-bc97-b5ad6b5bb975","x-ms-islandgateway":"GA0000004","x-ms-service-request-id":"6125bb8b-5969-483d-926e-ac95b13feacc"}"


which i cannot find anyone else having.

Any help is appreciated. 

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    MattJimison 577 on at
    Re: Missing required dependency when creating Chatbot for teams

    Hi, @Sharo951 .


    This normally happens when you've turned off (or deleted) a topic that another topic references. In your screenshot I can't see the node where another topic is being referenced but I suspect its trying to connect to a topic that doesn't exist and so you'll need to point it to one that does.


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    Botbuilder 2 on at
    Re: Missing required dependency when creating Chatbot for teams

    Hello @Sharo951

    Did you manage to overcome this - I have exactly same problem.


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