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Bot stalls at adaptive card - doesn’t submit user input

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Hi, I’m fairly new to PVA and I’ve been using the preview unified canvas and the new features, some of which are great, however I’ve been trying to get PVA to acknowledge a user input on an adaptive card using the Input.ChoiceSet Dropdown without success.


I can get the card to display what I want by recalling dynamic info from flow and sending back the JSON to PVA which also has the Action.Submit function included, but when testing it in PVA the user makes the selection on the drop down and presses the submit button but nothing happens? It just sits there and doesn’t move onto the next part of the conversation in the bot.


At first I thought I’d done something wrong but I checked the JSON in the Adaptive Card designer and it all works fine there.


Am I missing something or is this just a limitation with preview version of the unified canvas?



  • pbiuser14 Profile Picture
    pbiuser14 4 on at
    Re: Bot stalls at adaptive card - doesn’t submit user input

    Hi currently facing the same issue.


    Can I kindly know how you solved it, thanks. How do I go to the production version

  • Darklordman Profile Picture
    Darklordman 8 on at
    Re: Bot stalls at adaptive card - doesn’t submit user input

    I managed to get an answer from Microsoft. It turns out that adaptive cards don’t support user inputs in the preview version of the unified canvas yet. I was directed to use the production version of PVA and install the Bot Framework Composer.

  • HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Bot stalls at adaptive card - doesn’t submit user input

    Hi @Darklordman,


    Can you share your adaptive card JSON?


    Does your Action.Submit contain a data property?

    Right now I believe this is required to pass the information back to PVA as the user utterance.

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