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Why PVA jumps from one question to another?

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In my topic, the PVA mostly skips the first question and directly goes to the second one?


This is happening when I am using both the variables later in the topic? How can I restrict the PVA to follow the straight procedure?





Screenshot 2020-09-24 164738.png

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    Re: Why PVA jumps from one question to another?

    Hi @smehro ,


    You are using the "Person name" entity and inside this entity, you can see some options that your chatbot can understand like a name.

    Inside your chat, you use the "Heya" word on the trigger phrase, and when comes from the name question, the chatbot understands the "heya" is a name.

    I recommend you to use the "User entire response" to get the user name.

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