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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

Cannot complete the quick start guide on the Calling Action Step

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Hello All,


I am following this guide:
Quickstart: Create and deploy a bot in Microsoft Teams - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn


I have teams open and followed along the entire process until I reached step 5 on the "Enhance topic to handle more complex queries by escalating to HR experts" segment of the guide.


I am asked to create a "call an action" node and select the "Create a flow" option whereby I am redirected to the Power Automate tool. I choose "Send a message to a Teams Channel as expected and input the values as suggested by the guide. I change the name and click save.


Now, there is two options for closing the window. A "<" symbol representing the back button, and A "close" button. In either case, both return me to the authoring view for the Power Virtual Agent which is currently displaying my Topic.


At this point, the issue presents itself. The new flow was not selected and added to the node, in fact all changes since I started the process have been lost. I must once again recreate the various nodes up to this point. to save time, I manually save before the Call an Action node process. My newly saved action is not saved or listed, and when I try to create the flow again, I get the same result. a return to the Topic without my changes. 


below is an image of the screen with the template from Power Automate.



Below is an image of the screen after I have hit close or < button once I have saved my flow.



Here you can see that the flow is not added automatically.

Below you can see that I also do not have it in my list of items to add



I tried to use other flows when performing a call to action but none of them work either. 

I must be missing something very simple because everything else was so fast and easy to follow.


Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.



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