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Posted on by 785

Hi there,


PVA is not a cheap product and the company I work for got a license to it.

I guess many other people already asked, but I believe as a subscriber, we need concrete answers from the PVA DEV team about essential features on PVA.


What we need and it is essential without the use of Bot Framework Composer:


- Upload an image or any attachment on the bot;

- Create forms;

- Been able to display options as a list vertically instead of horizontally as the arrows most of the time cover the content;

- Hand-off from PVA to agent without using Dynamics 365 Customer Service. For example, hand-off to Microsoft Teams;


At the moment that would be great to have on PVA. 


Many thanks,



  • fernandosilva Profile Picture
    fernandosilva 785 on at
    Re: PVA Features


    Yes, it's all raised in there, but seems like there is no interest to have essential features in the PVA as it needs another connections to work on full circle, like Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


    The tool itself is half baked and all the other features are fragmented in different subscriptions, which makes all the package very expensive.

  • Monkeyman Profile Picture
    Monkeyman 325 on at
    Re: PVA Features

    Have you raised these all as ideas on the Power Virtual Agents ideas forum ?


    Power Virtual Agents Ideas - Power Platform Community (

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