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Sanitizing URLs from Azure OpenAI

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Hi everyone, 

We've uploaded PDF documents into a blob storage, hooked that up to Azure OpenAI and then made a connection to Power Virtual Agents as per this documentation: 


Now, sometimes when asking the bot questions about my dataset. After answering, it references the PDF documents, which is fine. However, this causes two issues: 

1. The URL itself is not "pretty" or user friendly - is there a way to either: 

a) Hide the URL in a hyperlink, and make the bot reply "Click here". 

b) Remove the hyperlink 

c) pretty-fie the link so it says something along the lines of:
d) select which files Azure OpenAI should reference. I'm worried once I add a lot of other data, it will link to that. 

2. The user does not have access to the blob storage - "PublicAccessNotPermitted to this Storage location" error - Anyone know how I provide view access to everyone in my org? 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 09.10.50.png

  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: Sanitizing URLs from Azure OpenAI

    Can you elaborate on your copilot studio use case?

  • CopilotHQ Profile Picture
    CopilotHQ 9 on at
    Re: Sanitizing URLs from Azure OpenAI

    Having the same issues with Copilot Studio. Keen to get an answer..

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