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Linked phone number works in Test Bot, but not in Live

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Hey there! 

First post, so let me know if any info is missing. To give some information before starting, this is PVA through MS Teams and I'm learning as I go. 


The bot I'm working on needs a telephone number linked in a message node so that users can click it to place a call.



"If you need more assistance, please call 555-555-5555" 


I am using "Tel:" prior to the phone number when creating the link. The link works fine when I'm testing my bot while in the PVA but after publishing and accessing the bot through teams, that link no longer works. It appears as a link, but is not clickable. Is there something I'm missing here or do I need to use a different method to link that phone number? 


We have Teams Telephony setup, so the preferred outcome is that the user clicks the link, the call is placed, and they are able to connect. 


Thanks ahead of time! 

  • Re: Linked phone number works in Test Bot, but not in Live

    Each channel will behave differently in PVA as they all have their own unique capabilities.  Doing some research, I've been unable to confirm from public documentation whether Teams support the tel:prefix or not; however there is a Teams specific forum you could post to interact with the Teams developer support engineers and community:


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