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Power Virtual Agent - Attachments

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Looking incase anyone has done attachment scenario with Power Virtual Agent.


checking attachment scenario with PVA . I already have the code to send the attachment to blob -> How do I return and catch the blob location at PVA Chatbot for further processing? I have read at article that upload event is triggered at PVA


What I want:

- Pass blob url to a flow for external partner

- Get the blob URL at PVA for further processing.


What I have already / Assumption:

- Uploaded the attachment to BLOB

- Assuming ChatBot user is an external user.

  • omerhameed98 Profile Picture
    omerhameed98 4 on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agent - Attachments

    As per the documentation of microsoft copilot PVA, I used the resource given by them for customization of a canvas.

    Result from the current implementation:
    I am sending an image from the bot, it is uploading to azure bob storage and after that event is success, it displays the image on the bot. Also, I am able to get the azure blob public URL on the blob. This is allowing me to use that URL in any other custom flow as well.

    I need  to upload a pdf from the bot. Pdf is uploading azure as per the requirement . After that successful event, it tries to display document as an image, due to which it is showing me an empty result. It should display pdfs as an attachment. 

    I have attached my result. If anyone can guide me on displaying pdf as an attachment 






  • Maruthi5507 Profile Picture
    Maruthi5507 4 on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agent - Attachments

    @RishiBhutani Can you please share me code on how to upload attachment to azure blob storage using PVA Chatbot?

  • RishiBhutani Profile Picture
    RishiBhutani on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agent - Attachments

    Hello @Jcook 

    Based on the response sending the blob URL as message activity is not an option as an outside user will not have the blob url when the document is uploaded. 


    At the Git example - it mentions upload event at PVA - Question can it be captured at PVA Bot somehow so that I can use the BLOB URL?



    Note I have already uploaded the file now I need is its blob url at PVA (may be as a variable) for further processing. The user doesn't have a blob url.

  • Jcook Profile Picture
    Jcook 740 on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agent - Attachments

    Hello @RishiBhutani 


    Looks like an idea was submitted for this here:

    Attach file to Power Virtual Agents - Power Platform Community (


    In the comments of this idea a staff member @pawan-msft has provided a great solution along with a GitHub example:

    Attach file to Power Virtual Agents - Power Platform Community ( - Reply

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