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Ability to copy user response to clipboard using a button

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Hi all, I am currently building a bot using a combination of PVA and Bot Framework Composer but I have a specific scenario I’d like some help with.


I don’t know whether this is even possible or not but I’d like to have the function where I can take the user’s last response and copy it to the clipboard using a one shot button (instead of having to highlight the text manually and copy it).


Is this something that can be achieved using the Bot Framework Composer/Power Automate or a combination of both? I’m still fairly new to using the composer and I have just about got to grips with Adaptive Cards but this is beyond my current skill level. I’ve seen some posts elsewhere where it says it’s possible using Java script or an API but I don’t know where to begin with that.


If anyone can help or point me in the right direction for advice I’d be very grateful 😊

  • Re: Ability to copy user response to clipboard using a button

    From the bot side, I'm afraid there aren't any ways to send a request to copy something to the clipboard back to the client.


    If you happen to be using webchat, you could probably implement logic to do so on the client side using the open-source version of the webchat control, though it is relatively complex and would require some experience with javascript, web, & react coding.

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