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Interactive bot with SharePoint, PowerApps and Teams

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Hello everyone, 


I am currently working on Time off app where you can schedule a vacation or a business lunch, etc. because our company now doing everything from teams. I would like to make a bot which can send to a manager of the department a massage with a buttons of Approve or denied of a employee which is asking for an vacation from date X to date Y. 

I'm super new to power virtual agents and just wondering if this is possible? 

Thank you for your answer. 


  • DiegoPeres Profile Picture
    DiegoPeres 327 on at
    Re: Interactive bot with SharePoint, PowerApps and Teams

    Hi @jakubz, I myself use an approval flow inside the bot, the user makes a purchase request through the chatbot, the flow triggers the power automate that does the following actions:

    Receives the data sent by the bot
    Registers the request data in Sharepoint
    Sends it to the manager requesting the approval, with a condition that if the value is above X the second line manager must approve it, and the flow sends the email and waits for the approval return.
    All this through the PA. There is also a request ID for the user where in another flow he can check the status of his request.

    I'm studying ways to improve the flow.


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    Jcook 740 on at
    Re: Interactive bot with SharePoint, PowerApps and Teams

    Hello @jakubz 


    Since the Approvals app is now integrated into teams, which can be leveraged by Power Automate.


    So you could create a bot that the end user interacts with. The bot then kicks off a flow that sends a approval for that request.(


    After tue approval, you can have the flow use the Send a message from a flow bot to send the approval response outcome.



  • jakubz Profile Picture
    jakubz 5 on at
    Re: Interactive bot with SharePoint, PowerApps and Teams

    Thank you!

  • peterswimm Profile Picture
    peterswimm on at
    Re: Interactive bot with SharePoint, PowerApps and Teams

    There are a number of community videos on this topic, here is a good one I found with a cursory search


    This is a great use case for PVA and flows, good luck!

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