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Copilot- Issue with configuring SSO for MS Teams

Posted on by 82

Hi Team,


As per this document ( )  I have configured SSO for Teams, but only getting below message and not able to sign in. Is this the expected behavior of SSO in Teams copilot? Please refer the screenshot for your reference.





  • irpro Profile Picture
    irpro 2 on at
    Re: Copilot- Issue with configuring SSO for MS Teams

    I am having the same issue- the app has been granted consent.  I followed the steps here.


  • citron-truc Profile Picture
    citron-truc 395 on at
    Re: Copilot- Issue with configuring SSO for MS Teams

    Good morning,

    I hope you are doing well.
    In order to do deployment on teams, your security admin must have registered your app as a valid app and in order to do identification, it granted some rights to the app to log you in (notably, to consult your user info like mail).
    However, admin consent does not remove the fact that you must also give consent for the app to check your data. Something similar happens when you use copilot on sharepoint, the app asks you if you are okay that copilot studio uses your credential to do its actions. It's normal behaviour I'd say.

    Have a great day!

  • NicHanekom Profile Picture
    NicHanekom 6 on at
    Re: Copilot- Issue with configuring SSO for MS Teams

    Hi, I'm facing the exact same issue. Did you ever manage to find the solution?

  • MariamPaulachan Profile Picture
    MariamPaulachan 82 on at
    Re: Copilot- Issue with configuring SSO for MS Teams

    I have completed SSO configuration for teams by manifest deployment and noticed a message in the teams app for single sign on with a button to continue/cancel. But it only persists for fraction of minute and disappeared. Could you confirm if this is the expected behavior or will it wait until user select the option. Sharing screenshot of reference.






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