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Need to delete the escalate topic

Posted on by 189

I have a bot that does two tier tech support via TEAMS chat creation. Every tech support topic has its own limited scope live person function. If the first tier doesn't get the job done the user can type escalate at any time to get up to tier 2. The issue I'm having is that the built in "Escalate" topic ironically doesn't recognize escalate as a trigger phrase, doesn't let me edit the trigger phrases, and doesn't allow me to delete the topic. Since live person is already used in the limited scope I can't have it also be the trigger for tier 2 and I can't create a new topic called escalate because the built in already exists with that name. Is there a way to delete or alter the built in "Escalate" topic that I'm missing? It seems silly that we can't delete or alter them since chatbots can be used for a wide variety of purposes and not all of them are going to require that topic in the first place. 

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    gregmarbais 108 on at
    Re: Need to delete the escalate topic

    @kgreen8790 have you tried entering variations of "live person" in the trigger of the other topic? I've not had to remove a trigger phrase from Escalate but did have to add (and added a topic like you did). But I'm guessing that adding "Live Person" plus other trigger phrases to another topic could work. I tested it out and was able to trigger the new topic rather than escalate.

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    kgreen8790 189 on at
    Re: Need to delete the escalate topic

    Ok, so I implemented the solution you suggested. It works... sort of... I'm still having the issue of having the built in escalate topic trigger anytime live person is entered. I really would like to prevent that since all of my tech support topics have a limited scope live person feature in them that allows a chat to be created with subject matter experts for the different services being supported. Is there really no way to delete or disable the built in escalate topic?

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    kgreen8790 189 on at
    Re: Need to delete the escalate topic

    That’s a good point. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

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    micchow on at
    Re: Need to delete the escalate topic

    @kgreen8790 , if I understood correctly, are you trying to have 'escalate' as a trigger phrase for the Escalate system topic? Per your description, it seems a bit more complex than it but if that is all you need, you can create a separate topic and add 'escalate' as a trigger phrase, in the topic select to redirect to the Escalate system topic.

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