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Link Master Copilot to Sub-Copilots

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I have three Copilots: Master, Sub1, and Sub2. I'd like to establish a link between Sub1 and Sub2 with Master so that I can access topics from Sub1 and Sub2 directly within Master. For instance, while using Master Copilot, I'd like to use specific trigger phrases that will seamlessly activate topics from Sub1 or Sub2. How can this functionality be implemented in Teams PVA.

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    Re: Link Master Copilot to Sub-Copilots

    Hi  , 

    This feature is not available by default yet, I already raised an idea about it a while ago, look at this idea below.


    But in the idea's comments, someone found a workaround to resolve this limitation now, it's called "Erik Olsson".


    Idea: Create a Master bot and redirect to another bots - Power Virtual Agents · Community


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