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Error Message - Topic Tree with Multiple Choice Answers and Issues with "Go-to-Step"

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Has anyone else experienced the following error?


"...was executed more than 100 times in a row. This indicates a cycle in execution of the dialog and hence dialog execution will be terminated. Error Code: InfiniteLoopInBotContent Conversation Id: 79beb41e-03f9-4f64-9bca-da3f56c0d9d1 Time (UTC): 2023-10-18T22:00:53.767Z"


The Topic ends in a multiple-choice question, and all of the answers provided then follow up with a "Go-To-Step" node which returns near the start of the topic (minus the opening message, in the event they want to check multiple answer's responses by the bot).  The exception being if they select to end the topic.  I tried adding a global variable clearing node between the answer, and the go-to-step loop to see if maybe it kept default selecting their original answer, resulting in a loop, but no luck.

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    Re: Error Message - Topic Tree with Multiple Choice Answers and Issues with "Go-to-Step"

    Hi @illustrare 


    You typically hit that error if you go back to a question that had already been answered and is being skipped at the variable contains a value. To workaround this, you can change the question behavior to "ask every time".



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