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PVA bot to create record

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I have created a PVA bot that will hand over to a live agent within certain topics. At the moment, during office hours or break times, the PVA bot displays a message that we are out of hours. I want it to work this bot to operate 24/7, but out of hours there will not be a human to answer.

I have had it suggested to create a second bot to work after hours or during break times that can create a record as if taking a message when the live agent is unavailable.

I am a complete novice here, but I understand the second bot, essentially taking a message for me, can be set up to auto-answer when I am unavailable to live chat. I should create a flow in power automate for it to create a record, but I get a bit lost at this stage.

Has anyone else done something similar and would have steps in how to configure second bot?

Thank for your time and help. Kind regards, Melissa Bedhead Hats

  • Re: PVA bot to create record

    I needed my after hours bot to work exactly the same as the office hours bot, but instead of triggering a live agent out of hours, the bot needed to collect the same data form the customer, but send me a message.
    It needed to look and feel identical to the daytime bot, so customers could still self serve and get the answers they needed out of hours.
    I ended up completely duplicating my daytime bot and created flows to send me various emails to replace the trigger to a live agent. Painstakingly slow process since you can not just click a button to duplicate a bot, but it works.

    I had to then create a Break Bot for during office hours, that also takes a message and sends me an email when I am unavailable. The Break bot was added to the same queue as my daytime bot and set to work hours. The Out of hours bot was in its own queue and set to morning out of hours, evening out of hours, and weekend 24hrs.
    Took a lot of trial and error, but it is up and running on our website. No one has documentation to address this issue, so I had to work it out on my own.

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    Re: PVA bot to create record

    What do you expect bot to do of hours ? You can change Message 'We are out of Hours' and develop a logic to ask questions and create a record instead. 

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