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Using trigger phrases for a customer service bot

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I'm using PVA for the very first time and am just learning about trigger phrases. Hopefully my question makes senses.

Can a customer type "a phrase" and then be directed to a topic or are the trigger phrases locked to whatever topic etc comes next? Our customers don't always know the "topic" area for their issue e.g  a customer wants to return an item and order a different size. Often they're not sure if it's an order issue, a billing issue or a technical issue. Is there a way to link certain trigger phrases to different topics so that certain words will guide them to the correct topic option? 

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    Re: Using trigger phrases for a customer service bot

    The trigger phrases will be tied to specific topics.  But the topic invoked can then ask for additional information to refine the request.  The trigger phrases are processed by an Artificial Intelligence engine so the match doesn't have to be exact.  So you might have a trigger phrase with the words return item.  When a customer types "I want to return something" it will invoke that topic.  The topic can then respond with a question. and ask specifics about what they want to return. And so on. Each topic can trigger a conversation with the customer. 


    And yes, one topic can link to another as needed.  So for example on the return trigger you can ask if they are having a problem?  If they say yes then you can direct them to the topic for support.

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