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Diagnostic Error Trace ID MAI:TP

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I have a relatively complex conversation string that seems to be bogging down the server. I'm getting really high latency and sometimes will need to wait as long as 30 seconds for a response. Occasionally when I save I will get Diagnostic Error Trace ID MAI:TP. It will proceed to save if I wait long enough after the error. 


A note I would make is that it seems to regress with the time I spend in it. So through out the day it starts to lag more aggressively. 


Image of the string attached below;Capture 3.PNG


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    chass on at
    Re: Diagnostic Error Trace ID MAI:TP


    How is this progressing? 

    In looking at your diagram one thing i would definitely recommend is breaking this monster topic into various topics and use the relatively new feature "Go to another topic".  (See image below)





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    ByuPathway 10 on at
    Re: Diagnostic Error Trace ID MAI:TP

    I think it's a coincidence that I selected the error ID on that day, I get a different one now. The issue is primarily just the latency so I will reach to Microsoft. Thanks!

  • Verified answer
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    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: Diagnostic Error Trace ID MAI:TP

    Hi @ByuPathway ,


    Great structure of your bot! Congrats 🙂


    Today, we got some inconsistent errors to save the bot, and Microsoft is fixing this issue.

    Did you get the issue today or every day?


    You can provide for Microsoft your Bot ID privately, Microsoft will help you in the latency issues.


    cc: @ggupta @Diganta @CleberM 




    Renato Rom√£o

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