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PVA Test Preview

Posted on by 681

Hi All,


Is any of you working on the PVA Test Preview?


If yes, have you successfully made the adaptive cards with form to work?


I have not a proper answer from anyone from Microsoft or users about it and if the new version is gonna be launched on the 1st of May 2023, as a user, I find it very stressful all the time that there is an update, having to dig everywhere for a solution that is never well described by the product owners.


Also, primary features on the chatbot is missing since day one (1).

Such as:

- Multiple choice question options stack vertically instead of horizontally;

- Grey out the text field when there are multiple choice question options;

- Customization with Dynamics 365 Customer Service integration is Zero (0).


I have place on the ideas panel on PVA and D365, but never got any feedback.


If there is anyone @microsoft that could clarify or give us, users, a better customer service experience, that would be great.


  • fernandosilva Profile Picture
    fernandosilva 681 on at
    Re: PVA Test Preview

    Hi @HenryJammes ,


    Thanks again for your reply.


    Copilot and Conversation boosters not available yet then, so no tests on preview mode as well.


    About the connectors, if the "Go to step" is believable to better, it's just a matter of time to get used to it then.


    For the multiple choices. See attached image. I believe would be great vertical option as default. It's just looks so much better and better UX.


    All my suggestions are already posted on all channels available.


    Thanks again for your reply.


  • HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: PVA Test Preview

    The unified authoring canvas simplifies chatbot development a lot, with variable management, rich responses, adaptive cards, Power Fx formulas, etc. being available in product, and much more flexibility with the default topics.

    Relying on the Bot Framework Composer is quite complex for a lot of non-developers.

    New capabilities also keep getting added to it, like Copilot and Conversation Boosters.


    "The new connection between the modules are worse than before where we could connect the dots whenever we need then to": what do you mean? There is a "Go to step" feature now that I found easier to use.


    For multiple choice, or when you get a "Did You Mean", we send a list of suggested actions to the client.

    E.g. the suggestedActions over the Direct Line API:


     "type": "message",
     "id": "67SwOMOHSsuEWUf0WR57o2-us|0000003",
     "timestamp": "2023-04-20T12:55:41.678177Z",
     "channelId": "directline",
     "from": {
     "id": "2d3aae11-a9f8-4796-abdc-99f6a84c0f6c",
     "name": "Contoso Bot",
     "role": "bot"
     "conversation": {
     "id": "67SwOMOHSsuEWUf0WR57o2-us"
     "textFormat": "plain",
     "text": "To clarify, did you mean:",
     "speak": "To clarify, did you mean: Store Locations, Order, Ship To, None of these.",
     "inputHint": "acceptingInput",
     "suggestedActions": {
     "actions": [
     "type": "imBack",
     "title": "Store Locations",
     "value": "Store Locations"
     "type": "imBack",
     "title": "Order",
     "value": "Order"
     "type": "imBack",
     "title": "Ship To",
     "value": "Ship To"
     "type": "imBack",
     "title": "None of these",
     "value": "None of these"
     "attachments": [],
     "entities": [],
     "replyToId": "67SwOMOHSsuEWUf0WR57o2-us|0000002"


    So each client (Teams, web chat widget, custom app, etc.) renders the suggested actions in their own way. For richer experiences, Adaptive Cards are the way to go. 


    Keep posting and suggesting improvements - we do look at them and at the business cases you share behind them to prioritze them. Just know that not all customers have the same priorities and we also depend on a lot of related technologies that share common standards.


    Regarding greyed out the text inputs on the client side, I gave the SMS example because you can deploy your PVA bot to many channel, including SMS, Teams, etc. you need to make sure that the "disable text input" instructions is something standard across chat client, which isn't the case (i.e. on your phone over an SMS channel you can always enter text). So here the use-case is very dependent on where the chatbot is deployed to.



  • fernandosilva Profile Picture
    fernandosilva 681 on at
    Re: PVA Test Preview

    Hi @HenryJammes ,


    Thank you for your reply.

    So, nothing to test on the test preview then apart of the new dropdown, as the new connection between the modules are worse than before where we could connect the dots whenever we need then to.


    - Multiple Choice

    Also, when you said "Multiple choice options are displayed as "Suggested Actions"."

    If you can point out graphically where you see it, that would be great as after trying all the "features", I can't see anything related to "Suggested Actions".


    - Posted everywhere as a suggestion, ideas, etc

    I already posted in all Ideas Forum, portals, about the grey out and stacking vertically the options, but seems like it becomes invisible to human eye in terms of importance as it should be a critical UX feature.

    To understand a bit better about the multiple choice options, the user do not need to type to press a button, so not sure what the SMS bit has to do with it. Even if had to do anything, a button is not typed is pressed.

    It's just bad UX to display options like that horizontally and the users are not aware of scrolling or pressing the little arrow. They go straight to the text field and manage to get frustrated themselves.


    At the end of the day, we spend many hours, weeks, months, to develop the best bot for our users, but PVA still doesn't have those primary features.


    It's an expensive tool, great potential, amazing capabilities, but missing primary features.

    It's like buying the best car in the whole world, but without breaks and missing a wheel.





  • HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: PVA Test Preview

    Hi @fernandosilva,


    As I shared with you last time, adaptive cards with form submits are not yet supported in the unified authoring canvas, but they're around the corner and the capability should be soon available.


    Multiple choice options are displayed as "Suggested Actions". 

    The layout (vertical, horizontal) depends on how the client (Teams, web chat widget, etc.) interprets them (PVA only sends an array of values with no properties for layout).

    For more flexibility in how things are displayed, you can use adaptive cards.


    Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service integration with the unified authoring canvas isn't available yet. It is planned to be available by G.A. of the unified authoring canvas, for the text channel (so, not Omnichannel Voice).


    "Greying out the text field when there are multiple choice question options" will also depend on the client (e.g. over SMS you can't prevent a user from typing, etc.) hence why the suggested workarounds imply tweaking the chat client.
    For features requests, please keep submiting them here: 


    I hope that helps.


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