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CoPilot Studio Updates / Test and Test Website different layout

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Dear community,

yesterday I noticed massive changes in the GUI of CoPilot Studio. 
I was somewhat suprised by this - where can I check on which CoPilot Studio version we are running? And how I can check when such a update will happen? Didn't even saw any update message in the M365 message center?!

Question 2:
I noticed a positive change in how question options are presented in the copilot studio test window since yesterday. Instead of showing them in a slideshow there are now shown stacked. This is great in my opinion as it makes the UI experience much better for mobile users and others.


But this isn't the case for the Test Website you can share with others: 


Why is this the case? Is the Demo Website simply not updated by microsoft yet? Will the stacked layout be the new one?
And when will this be deployed?

 Would be nice if someone could clear up my confusion. 🙂

  • Re: CoPilot Studio Updates / Test and Test Website different layout

    @renatoromao  - Thank you for the mention, we will send this to the team.

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    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: CoPilot Studio Updates / Test and Test Website different layout

    Hi @LimeLeaf ,


    First of all, thanks for your feedback, they are really important for Microsoft! 🙂 


    Secondly, follow below the answers in 2 parts:


    1. You can check what's new and planned deployments with this link: 


    2. Microsoft needs to update this demo website to push the new UI available for us. You could suggest your idea here: 

    Also I am adding @heaher_italent / @DuaneM_iTalent to track this.

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