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Applying a purchased license

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I originally signed up (using a work account) for a free trial. My company has since purchased 5 authoring licenses and assigned one to my work account. Yet today I got an email stating "Your free trial of Power Virtual Agents will expire on March 31, 2023. Review subscription pricing and purchase a license to continue using your bots."

Is there anything that my IT department missed? They say they can see the following in the our Azure tenant:

  • 1 Power Virtual Agent license (active)
  • 5 Power Virtual Agent User Licenses (2 assigned, 3 available)

The 2 user licenses are assigned to myself and a support colleage.


Is there anything we need to do with the bot or with environment/solution setups?

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    Pstork1 1,997 on at
    Re: Applying a purchased license

    If the warning is specific to the trial and that user has a valid license that was assigned, then yes you can just ignore the warning emails.  The trial license will send them whether you have another license or not.

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    MisterBates 39 on at
    Re: Applying a purchased license

    Thanks both.


    I don't know where I'd see a warning in the UI and there isn't one immediately apparent.

    And I've checked my work account and can confirm I have a "Power Virtual Agent User License" subscription assigned to me account.


    I should just ignore the email then?

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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Applying a purchased license

    Hi @MisterBates,

    Your setup sounds good to me: your tenant has base PVA capacity, and your user has a user license - not sure if the data used to send the email was up-to-date when it was sent. Do you still get warning in the UI?



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    Pstork1 1,997 on at
    Re: Applying a purchased license

    The warning about the trial expiring won't check your other licensing to see if the trial is still needed.  So if you have a PVA license assigned to you and a trial that is expiring you can just ignore the email about the trial as long as its the same account.

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