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Something went wrong when update chatbot

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Dear all, 

I built an internal chatbot in Microsoft Team and multiple times to extend the trial. Now I tried opening Chatbot in Microsoft Team and it prompted a pop-up that said: "Update Now". However, when I click on the "Update now" button and it show: "Something went wrong" without any code or explanation. Currently, I can't develop or use my chatbot.

I'm don't know what I need to do to solve this problem and seeking your help. I would like to attach a screenshot to illustrate my issue.




Diep Nguyen

  • rugbyph Profile Picture
    rugbyph 2 on at
    Re: Something went wrong when update chatbot

    I got the same error but was able to resolve by removing currently installed version of chatbot, I changed some app settings so probably it was conflicting with the new version. To remove just go to App -> Manage your apps -> delete the currently installed chatbot. Hope this help.

  • NicHanekom Profile Picture
    NicHanekom 6 on at
    Re: Something went wrong when update chatbot

    Same issue here...

  • diepnguyen01 Profile Picture
    diepnguyen01 3 on at
    Re: Something went wrong when update chatbot

    Do we have any similar solution that I can refer to?

  • tamarinara Profile Picture
    tamarinara 4 on at
    Re: Something went wrong when update chatbot

    I am having this exact same issue. I cannot update my chatbot beyond version 1.0.0 because I get the error message. Does anyone have a solution? 

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