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How to duplicate a Copilot?

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Is there a way to duplicate a Copilot? Let's say we want to make another Copilot, but we don't want to start from scratch, so we'd want to duplicate it as a starting point, is that possible with Copilot Studio?

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    NicolasGeolives 10 on at
    Re: How to duplicate a Copilot?

    Hi, I tried to use your method to duplicate my copilot but unfortunately it doesn't work. I tried with the pac copilot and pac virtual-agent commands but the result is the same. Here is the full description of my error:

    Hoping you'll be able to help me

  • Verified answer
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    adilei on at
    Re: How to duplicate a Copilot?

    Well, it seems my information regarding cloning wasn't up to date 🙂

    It is now possible to clone copilots using the Power Platform CLI.


    If you haven't had a chance to use the Power Platform CLI so far, the most straight forward way to get started would be installing the CLI using the Power Platform Tools VS Code extension.


    Here are the steps to add the extension and clone a copilot. Jump to step (3) if you already have the Power Platform CLI installed and working.

    1. Install the Power Platform CLI by adding the Power Platform Tools extension to VS Code: Microsoft Power Platform CLI - Power Platform | Microsoft Learn 

    2. Create an auth profile for the environment(s) where you copilots are stored, by clicking on the Power Platform icon in the sidebar, and then "New Auth Profile"



    3. Export your source copilot/bot by starting a new terminal in VS Code, and running the following command:


    pac virtual-agent extract-template --bot SOURCE_BOT_ID --environment ENVIRONMENT_ID --templateFileName sourceBot


    This will create a "template" - a local file with the YAML code for your exported copilot/bot.

    4. Create a new copilot/bot from the template you have just exported, using the following command:


    pac virtual-agent create --SchemaName prefix_destinationBotName --TemplateFileName sourceBot --displayName DESTINATION_BOT_NAME --solution SOLUTION_NAME --environment ENVIRONMENT_ID



    Couple of things to note here:

    • SchemaName is used to create the copilot's Dataverse table, so it must include a prefix followed by an underscore
    • TemplateFileName refers to the file exported in step (3)
    • The "solution" parameter refers to a solution that already exists in the environment


    Let me know in case you run into any challenges!


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    andypejman 11 on at
    Re: How to duplicate a Copilot?

    Thank you, I had two questions:


    1. Is there an ETA on when cloning copilots would be able to happen?
    2. Is there an ETA on when the "Allowlist" feature will be available? (See screenshot attached).
  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: How to duplicate a Copilot?

    Cloning copilots is not currently supported. However, you can still “clone” topics across copilots by copying and pasting the topics’ YAML code. The number of topics in your original copilot will determine how much work this will be.

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