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Adaptive card does not show up when the bot goes through the topic for the second time

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I have a bot set up which will read the pending request for the user and show it in an adaptive card on the PVA. The adaptive card along with request details have an accept and reject button. Once the user clicks on accept or reject button the request is completed and the bot asks the user if the next request has to be prompted.

If the user decides to see the next pending request he selects Yes from the options displayed on PVA. we have at this point connected the flow back to an earlier step in the topic where the adaptive card is populated with the request and shows the details.



When the bot goes through the topic for the first time it shows the adaptive card with details and approve reject button, but the second time when we loop it back to this step it doesn't show up the adaptive card rather remembers the action taken during the first parse. We want the user to see the adaptive card with the details of the next pending request how can we handle this in PVA ?

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