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Returning to a parent topic that called a child for action

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There are a lot of topics that include things like asking users for email addresses or identifying what type of device they're asking about. Rather than having to build those questions into every topic that needs them, I'd like to create essentially a library of "functions" that ask these questions so I can simply redirect to them for action. That part is simple; where I'm getting stuck is in how to return the information back to the topic that called it.


I know I can do this in a flow but is that my only option? Is it the best option? 


Thanks in advance for your insight.

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    joemclain 6 on at
    Re: Returning to a parent topic that called a child for action

    Thanks, @gregmarbais! I've started breaking things out so they're more "reusable" and appreciate the info.

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    gregmarbais 108 on at
    Re: Returning to a parent topic that called a child for action

    Hey @joemclain , I was in the same boat so I created a single topic (no trigger phrases) to just ask for 1 piece of customer data (sometimes I only need 1). So here's what I did:


    I created a topic without trigger phrases that asks for the bit of data then it will return to the originating topic. The trick is changing the variable to a bot variable so it's accessible outside the topic where you created it. I have other topics for customer name, phone number, etc. 

    The best part is I find that I'm usually including them in triggering a PowerAutomate flow. And when I do that and just use the bot variable as an input for the flow, PVA will call the topic and pass the user's response to the flow and I don't have to worry about first calling the Customer Name Topic then the Customer Email Topic and so on. PVA just knows to trigger that topic to get the bot variable it needs.

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