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Call 'safe word' phrases within a topic

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Hi, is it possible to have one or more phrases which can be called at any time within a topic? The scenarios I have in mind are:

  • exit / leave - abandon the current topic
  • go back - return to the previous step

I think such functionality could really help the user experience and meet a challenge faced by those constructing bots.

  • Re: Call 'safe word' phrases within a topic

    Thanks @Pstork1. And indeed, from what I've seen additional functionality would be needed to enable this feature. Otherwise it would be a case of manually adding the 'safe word' at each input stage of the chat. I believe it would be a real benefit to the user experience and therefore introduction of the technology into an organisation.

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    Re: Call 'safe word' phrases within a topic

    I don't see any easy way to accomplish this.  You can definitely create them as Topics.  But once you are in a Topic there is a specific path that you are following through the processing.  You would have to build the safewords into each point where you ask for input.

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