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QnA maker followup prompt

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I'm currently working with a QnA-maker knowledge base and successfully integrated with Power Virtual Agent. 

I integrated the two systems (QnA and PVA) with Power Automate with the QnAMaker (Generate answer (preview))


But I've stumbled upon a problem I don't know how to solve.

If my QnA-maker uses a follow up prompt like this:


How do I use the followup prompts in Power Virtual Agent?

From what I can see I can't use the prompts at all, or am I missing something?

  • erva Profile Picture
    erva 12 on at
    Re: QnA maker followup prompt

    Thanks for your reply @chass .

    I'm having trouble to get a grip of these products (PVA and QnA).

    Maybe I'm using them wrong or they shoud not integrate with each other.

    I will submit a feature request at the link you sent.

    Edit: Wait, the link didn't work.

  • Verified answer
    chass Profile Picture
    chass on at
    Re: QnA maker followup prompt

    At current those follow up prompts will need to be created at the topic level in the Power Virtual Agents Topics Canvas. 

    Please consider adding this as a suggestion to the Power Virtual Agents ideas site:


  • erva Profile Picture
    erva 12 on at
    Re: QnA maker followup prompt

    Yes, QnA maker can use follow-up prompts. I wanna have the prompts inside PVA as well.

    Like this (from QnA)



  • pankajrai Profile Picture
    pankajrai on at
    Re: QnA maker followup prompt

    Are looking for a solution wherein output from qna maker is presented as an option to select in the bot ?

  • erva Profile Picture
    erva 12 on at
    Re: QnA maker followup prompt

    @Rahber bump. Any ideas? 🙂 

  • erva Profile Picture
    erva 12 on at
    Re: QnA maker followup prompt

    Thanks for your reply.

    But think of this scenario:

    I have a quite generic question like "How do i configure Outlook?" in my QnA, and the answer is: "Sure, I can help with Outlook, on what platform?".

    And here I have some follow up prompts in my QnA like: "Mac, iOS, PC, Android...".

    But I find it impossible to get the follow up prompts from the QnA maker to my PVA, or am I missing something?

    How would you solve this problem @Rahber? 🙂 


    Thanks in advance.

  • Rahber Profile Picture
    Rahber 9 on at
    Re: QnA maker followup prompt

    Follow Up Prompts are nothing but the canvas authoring you can add a qustions and then you will have a field to add options for user this you can actually add follow up prompts and then set a based on the reply you can actually branch off.


    The way to do so is as soon as you send an answer ask a follow up question.


    .power virtual agent.PNG

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